Neon Genesis Evangelion - Shinjis Rant Video

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Spike Spencer's / Shinji Ikari's commentary on the Director's Cut finale of the original Neon Genesis Evangelion television series. We re-localized this video to use as the opening to the final part of our "Understanding Evangelion" panel series at Otakuthon 2011, "What are you, stupid?!". You can download a standalone version of this video, as well as all of the other material from our panels, at the Darkside Translations website (

Naturally, Spike proves that he deserves his nickname, "Frickin' Genius". In case you're wondering: this is a "Director's Cut" in the sense that Gendo Ikari, Maya Ibuki, and Shigeru Aoba were recast for the Director's Cut versions of Episodes 21' through 24', and each of the characters' lines for Episodes 25 and 26 were re-recorded for the sake of consistency.

"Fly Me to the Moon"
Music & Lyrics: Bart Howard
Arrangement: Toshiyuki Omori
Vocals: CLAIRE

Typesetting & Credit Corrections: TDOMMX
Everything Else: A.D.V. Films
Duration: 02 Minute, 57 Second
Rating: 4.95 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: 8 Years Ago
Author: TDOMMX

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