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Bradley Brinkman is just an average guy, but he wants to be someone special, when along comes a sexy apparition (Deborah Shelton) who offers to make him the sexiest guy in Sea Spray, a lush California Beach spot. For just a small piece of his soul, Dr. D (James Coco) will transform him into a stud. He signs on the dotted line and is now turned into Hunk Golden (John Allen Nelson). Suddenly women want him and guys envy him. After a television appearance, he becomes a national sensation...but is Bradley going to be happy with his newfound success...or is their hell to pay for being a hunk?!
Duration: 1 Hour, 42 Minute, 54 Second
Rating: 4.3 - Very Good
Definition: SD
Published: 4 Years Ago
Author: Hunk

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