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So this is Mr. Double Dare. He is a two year old mustang from Jackson Mountains, Nevada and will be competing in the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Forth Worth, Texas September 18-20, where he will hopefully be adopted by a horse crazy little girl after the event. Which is why I am currently striving to make him as adoptable for a little girl as possible right now. i.e. respecting space, no rearing, no kicking, and no biting, all of which he is doing quite well with except that first one, because on day two he figured out that he really likes it when these weird two-legged creatures scratch his bum and neck and now he won't stop coming over to them.
Anyway, this is Day 1 with Dare, and encompasses me thinking he's going to burst out of the trailer snorting fire and him just walking out and trotting off.
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Published: 4 Years Ago

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