Halston Sage, Penny Johnson Jerald The Orville Interview Comic Con Hd Video

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From Emmy Award-winning executive producer and creator Seth MacFarlane, with the pilot directed by Jon Favreau, THE ORVILLE is a one-hour, live-action space adventure series set 400 years in the future that follows the adventures of the U.S.S. Orville, a mid-level exploratory vessel. Come meet the whole crew – Seth MacFarlane, Adrianne Palicki, Penny Johnson Jerald, Scott Grimes, Peter Macon, Halston Sage, J Lee, Mark Jackson and Chad Coleman – as well as executive producers David A. Goodman and Brannon Braga and get an exclusive extended first look at the new fall show.
Duration: 06 Minute, 15 Second
Rating: 4.38 - Very Good
Definition: HD
Published: 1 Years Ago
Author: Seat42F

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