Notorious Jatt Ft Kaka Bhaniawala Salaama Video

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After the successful working relationship of 'Heartbreaker' Notorious asked me to edit 'Salaama' a very touching tribute to the late Kaka Bhaniawala. I was honoured to be asked and agreed straight away. Once again this video was directed and shot in the Punjab by Notorious with all post-production handled back in the UK by myself.

Title: Salaama (feat. Kaka Bhaniawala)
Artist: Notorious Jatt
Album: Single
Label: E3UK
Director: Notorious Jatt
Year: 2014
Format: Sony NX1
Edited: Adobe Premiere CC
Duration: 04 Minute, 30 Second
Rating: 4.62 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: 3 Years Ago
Author: HudsWV

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