#homemaker Vs #husband - #mirchi Tara & #mirchi Barath Video

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Homemaker Vs Husband (Daily Routine)....

Everybody thought it was the job of the husband to earn money and the job of the woman to be a "housewife" (homemaker). ...

In addition, in some families, the wife works to provide for the family and the husband stays home to care for the home and the children....

This video does not generalize all Men, but a small dedication to all the women who turn our houses into happy homes

Mirchi Tara
Mirchi Barath
Master Sarvesh
Baby Varun
Camera - Ram Sharan, Arun Kumar & James
Editing & SFX - Raymond Johnson

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Duration: 01 Minute, 54 Second
Rating: 4.93 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: 2 Month Ago
Author: Mirchi Tamil

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