The Secret Circle - Season 2 Trailer Video

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Hey guys, here you have my new FAN made trailer for tsc season 2. I really hope you like it!

Story: After they beat blackwell, they though the circle was safer unbound, well they were wrong, witch hunters were still after them, and being unboud was a advantage for the witch hunter because it would be easier if there powers were out of control. Being unbound meant there power wasn't under control anymore, accidents kept happening, and Cassie with the circle's solo magic and her dark magic made her even stronger and more out of control. She thought she was the strongest witch alive and no one could stop her. The power consumes Cassie, and thinks she could stop the new leader of the witch hunters, who was a very strong evil witch who wanted to kill all good witches and take there power and for him to make sure he was the strongest witch alive. Cassie and the evil witch has a huge battle but they were both just as strong as each other, as the evil witch tries to get away Cassie runs after him while the rest of the circle tries to stop her, Cassie asked for Diana's help to destroy him but Diana would only agree if it was with circle magic, Cassie refues as she carry's on going after him, full of rage and anger Cassie doesn't notice the car coming as she runs across the road, the car hit her. The circle tried saving her but she sadly lost her life...or so they thought....the season also focuses on Cassie's love for Adam. She thought there was hope in trying to get him back, but it looks like the elixer doesn't want to let feel love for Cassie. (Please remember this is a fan trailer+story i created myself)

Please comment and like, it would mean a lot to me!

Dedicated to Piper19hl for her birthday! I know im late, but i still hope you like it!

Credit to HalliwellSister23
Duration: 01 Minute, 19 Second
Rating: 4.57 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: 6 Years Ago

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