New Yorkers Find A Novel Way Of Serving Sushi - 2008 Video

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New York - September 10, 2008
1. Wide shot model climbs onto table
2. Close up model's face
3. Woman arranges cloth over model
4. Close up of woman's face
5. Close up of model's stomach as flower is put in belly button
6. Mid shot of woman walking over and putting flower near model's hair
7. Close up of model's forehead and flower
8. Close up of flower and covered breast
9. SOUNDBITE: (English) Melanie Burliet, Sushi Model:
"You know, I sort of didn't really give it much thought until I was actually here climbing up on the table. At that point I was slightly nervous, but I really became comfortable very quickly. It's really an experience, one worth having I'd say, if you get the opportunity give it a try."
10. Close up of wine glasses
11. Close up of models face, platter of sushi is placed on her chest
12. Wide pan of table with model laying in the middle
13. SOUNDBITE: (English) Melanie Burliet, Sushi Model:
"It is difficult and then once in a while you get the random itch that you know, you just have to put out of your head."
14. Close up of model's fingers
15. Shot of sushi arrangements on model's body
16. Close up of sushi and model's face
16. Close up of sake being poured
17. Close up of tongs selecting sushi
18. Close up of man putting sushi into his mouth and chewing
19. SOUNDBITE: ( English) Melanie Burliet, Sushi Model:
"I'm wondering what they're eating because I can't really see. But that's the one strange element is suppressing my curiosity, because I can't see anyone's face and I can't see what they're eating, but I'm sort of dying to know."
20. Close up tongs selecting sushi, focus on pieces of sushi
21. GV men's faces as they're eating
22. SOUNDBITE: (English) Parag Patel, Sake Class Attendee:
"First, they're usually hairless so that's always a good thing as far as hygiene goes and food. After that, it really goes down to the quality of the food, essentially. You go for the wow factor and then after that you keeping going back for the food."
23. Close up of tongs selecting sushi and model's face
24. Close up of man eating
25. Close up of man setting down sake glass
26. SOUNDBITE: (English) Leonard Phillips, Ambassador Wine and Spirits:
"'Is the person actually naked?' And I say well they are partially clothed, yes. 'You can do that?' I said, why not? It's a form of art it's something, it's just a different way of presenting the food, which is an art form."
27. Tight shot of sushi and model's leg
28. Pull focus from model's face to sushi
29. SOUNDBITE: (English) Melanie Burliet, Sushi Model:
"You know I think the only other time you lay this still is before falling asleep and I've nearly fallen asleep for the past twenty minutes at least."
30. Close up of sushi piece
31. Wide pan of sake class
New Yorkers have found a novel way of serving sushi: naked!
In one locale, female models are placed on the table for decoration and adorned with pieces of the Japanese cuisine.
It's run of the mill for Melanie Burliet who's earning $100 dollars an hour from the craze.
When you enter Ambassador Wine and Spirits in New York City and ask for the sake class, you know instantly that something is different about this place.
Because what you've found is a half naked woman lying on a table covered in sushi.
The naked sushi models come from an almost completely abandoned Japanese tradition called Nyotaimori.
When translated it literally means: woman, body, decoration.
It was practiced by the Yakuza who are famous for their full body tattoos and mafia ties.
But no mobsters are at the table for this recent class.
There are two salesmen and one dentist.
She's paid 100 dollars per hour to stay completely still as people eat off of her body.

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