Steel.(aka Men Of Steel)1977-dir:steve Carver-lee Majors-richard Lynch Part 9 Of 11 Video

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Mike Catton was once a world-renowned construction foreman (at least in the construction world), but an accident left him with a serious fear of heights. Unable to climb the big skyscrapers while under construction, he retired and became a truck driver. But when an old friend needs him to help put up a building, and when the old friend gets harassed and threatened by an Evil Corporate Type, he comes out of retirement and assembles the creme de la creme of the construction world. Together, they race against time to finish the building while the Evil Corporate Type tries to stop them. Written by Afterburner
Steel 1979 PG, 102 min.
Genre: Drama / Adventure / Action
aka: Men of Steel
Look Down and Die

Director: Steve Carver
Cast: Lee Majors, Jennifer O'Neill, Art Carney, George Kennedy, Harris Yulin, Redmond Gleeson, Terry Kiser, Richard Lynch, Albert Salmi, R.G. Armstrong, Ben Marley, Roger E. Mosley, Robert Tessier, Hunter von Leer, Joe De Nicola
Duration: 10 Minute, 01 Second
Rating: 5 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: 6 Years Ago

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