The Loop Preview Trailer (2015) - Craig Eccles Paranormal Thriller Hd Video

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Set in a remote location, 4 young adults set of for a day of storm chasing only to find themselves stuck in THE LOOP. With no way out and no sign of help they must fight against all odds just to survive.
You are in THE LOOP, you are being watched. Bone chilling events will make you scream, paranormal just got real.

Release Date: March 2015
Producer / Director / Writer: Craig Eccles
Starring : Monique Eccles, Samuel Tye, Kate Elliott, Michael Rainone, Tegan M
Genre: Paranormal Thriller
Country: Australia
Production Co: C.E. Photography


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Duration: 03 Minute, 43 Second
Rating: 3.61 - Good
Definition: HD
Published: 3 Years Ago

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