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Hey y'all! I was tagged by Danielle to do this fun homemaking tag. Homemaking is my absolute passion and I am so blessed to be able to call myself a homemaker.

I tag -
Samantha from Samantha Medlin -

Sarah from The Mama Lounge -

Nikki from Inspired by Nikki

Mandi from Sweetly Home

1. Have you ever had anyone say anything negative to you about staying at home/ working from home?
2. What is your favorite/least favorite part of staying home(or working from home)?
3. What is your favorite/least favorite chore?
4. What time do you wake up/ go to bed?
5. Do you put anything on in the background while you clean/work/cook (tv, radio, podcast, etc.)
6. Do you get dressed most days or stay in PJs?
7. How often do you do your hair and makeup?
8. What is your "trouble zone" or area in your home that needs the most help?
9. How often do you find yourself getting distracted?
10. Do you enjoy staying home or do you miss going to a job everyday?
11. What is your "never ending" chore?
12. What is your favorite way to relax or have "me" time?
13. How often does your husband/significant other chip in?
14. (If you have kids) When do you find time to do chores?
15. How do you balance being a homemaker and creating Youtube content?
16. What is your favorite room in your home and why?
17. What is your least favorite room in your home and why?
18. Do you feel your home reflects your personal style? Why/why not?
19. What does your home smell like?
20. What is your strong point and weak spot when it comes to homemaking?

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